DKI Provincial Government and Police will Take Strict Action on Abuse of CFD Activities


The Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Argo Yuwono, Saturday (5/5) demonstrated that he had worked also with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) to build up the arrangements in regards to the hecticness of Car Free Day.

Lead representative Regulation Number 12 of 2016 concerning Motorized Vehicle Free Day (HBKB) is an arrangement that fills in as a kind of perspective for the execution of CFD. Situs Togel Terpercaya

“Bad habit Governor Sandi guaranteed that CFD should conform to existing guidelines,” said Deputy Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Sigit Wijatmoko, when giving an assertion with Argo. “The lead representative additionally guaranteed that CFD can’t be utilized for political exercises,” said Sigit once more.

1. Can’t be utilized for exercises identified with governmental issues and SARA

To the media group, Argo clarified that in the articles contained in the Governor’s Regulation on Car Free Days (CFD) the areas and focuses of CFDs on explicit courses that not set in stone had been clarified. In the accompanying arrangements, it is likewise clarified what things can be done during CFD.

“What should be possible is just for the exercises of expressions and culture, the climate, and sports,” said Argo. In the mean time, as per him, the following arrangement comprehends that political movement and SARA can’t be done.

“The lead representative guaranteed that CFD ought not complete exercises identified with legislative issues, racial narrow mindedness, or addresses containing disdain discourse,” said Sigit. Truth be told, on CFD on Sunday (30/4) there was a political mistreatment of CFD members.

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2. Working correspondingly with nearby states and emprov

Reacting to political activity, particularly the mistreatment of CFDs on last Sunday (30/4), the Police will be more persuading about the arrangements on this CFD. Working also with the Regional Government (Pemda) and the Provincial Government (Pemprov) the police will guarantee that on Sunday (6/5) CFD will run by pertinent guidelines.

“We have composed with the common government and neighborhood government that all gatherings and gatherings and networks that utilization CFD are not permitted to do political exercises,” said Argo. This sort of work is settled upon by the territorial government to implement the relevant arrangements. “For instance, later in case there are any (political exercises) that will be disbanded,” said Argo. “We will furnish full reinforcement with the police and nearby government,” he added.

3. Will do training to the local area

The common government, nearby government and the police feel that tomorrow, Sunday (6/5), will complete schooling to general society about CFD exercises as per material guidelines. “Tomorrow officials from the transportation administration, Satpol PP and the police will complete a preventive and instructive activity,” said Sigit. This is done to keep up with and guarantee that no disallowed exercises are completed in CFDs. Situs Togel Terpercaya

One type of training that will be given is by setting pennants. “Pennants will be set so training and direction can be seen by general society,” said Sigit once more.

The police mentioned that the CFD movement be used as per the relevant lead representative’s arrangements and could be used appropriately.

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