EX PROBOLINGGO REGENCY REALIZE ADVANCED: Bookmarks Child Election in Political Safari


The previous official of Probolinggo, Hasan Aminuddin, will set up his child, Zulmi Noor Hasani ahead of time at the political decision stage. Various endeavors to acquaint youngsters with people in general are suspected to sustain political lines.

“This has been orchestrated more than last year,” said the leader of the Lumbung people group data association (LIRA), Syamsuddin, cited by Koran Tempo, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Hasan Aminuddin was an individual from the DPR and the Regent of Probolinggo for the 2003-2008 and 2008-2013 periods. The lady from Hasan, Puput Tantriana Sari, has been the Regent of Probolinggo since 2013 and was reappointed in 2018. Hasan and Puput were captured by the defilement annihilation Commission through a progression of procedure on Monday, August 30 here 2021.

Syamsuddin said that there were various exercises inside the public authority, the two locale, sub-regions, and towns that elaborate Zulmi just appearance help or gifts. The minutes when the conspicuous individuals from the directorate additionally get away from Zulmi’s thoughtfulness regarding nebeng show up out in the open.

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Coming up next are various exercises in Probolinggo Regency including Zulmi.

1. Presents for pregnant ladies

On August 27, Zulmi needed to offer gifts to pregnant ladies. This occasion was ready for Lene Head, Probolinggo Regency, Mohs. Syarifuddin, by requesting the town heads of Clar and Warujinggo. In his command, chief Syarifuddin requested the heads of two towns to introduce every one of the 10 pregnant ladies.

2. Family information assortment

The Ministry of Women’s Family Planning Empowerment and for Probolinggo District distributed the Agency’s exercises with Zulmi in family enrollment, in April 2021. Zulmi partook as head of the Hassan Probolinggo Foundation.


In March, Zulmi as Director of the Hassan Foundation and the Indonesian Regional Cooperation Council (Dekopinda) of Probolinggo Regency marked a monetary collaboration. The marks were seen by individuals from the Probolinggo Cooperation Council who are presently going to the provincial thoughts.

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4. Show board

Zulmi show board and father dissipated on different high proboot. Beat, a huge publicizing board spread more than three focuses in the climate. Zulmi frequently uncovers her face behind the staples given to the general population.

5. Political Safari

Zulmi has seen numerous approaches in the Office of the Probolagin Political Party. In May, it was broadly advanced by the Union For Development Party and the NasDem Party to take an interest in the 2024 Regent political decision.

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